Oak Kitchen Extension

This small rural cottage required a kitchen extension which would be in line with the traditional structure of the main property whilst facilitating views out to the surrounding area.

An oak framework felt like a fitting choice.

Enville Oak was commissioned to construct this extension, which would create a new kitchen and formal dining area for our clients, who were looking for more space to raise their growing family.

The kitchen extension features a solid wall along one side to allow for the installation of bespoke kitchen units and a cooker, with immediate access to the garden area on the opposite side. One of the main features of this extension, however, is the beautiful gable end which allows for stunning views overlooking the river Stour.

The finishing touches...

The extension has been finished by our client with dark interior touches which contrasts the oak framework, and serves to embrace and highlight the tones of the oak material.

Vaulted ceiling

The vaulted ceiling is defined by the self-supporting arc which angles towards the roof.

Enville Oak utilised this design with exposed oak rafters on this kitchen extension for an impressive end result which opens up the build and maximises space.

Gable end

The gable end of the kitchen extension is fit with a glazed truss that maximises the light available in the kitchen and the views out over the landscape.

The gable and truss immediately draw the eye through the kitchen to the outdoor views.

Casement windows

Within the gable end, Enville Oak installed bespoke oak joinery casement windows, finished with matte black handles to match the dark interior.

Centre roof lantern

Enville Oak were able to make use of the flat roof above the formal dining area extension by installing a centre roof lantern.

The lantern allows light to pour into the dining area, helping the build to feel more open.

Full height bi-fold

The full height glass and aluminium bi-folding doors offer a touch of contemporary to this traditional build and enable immediate access from the kitchen to the garden.

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