Balcony With Shaded Seating Area

Homely and intimate, this beautiful oak balcony provides the perfect oasis – with not one, but two private areas to be enjoyed by the homeowners.

Enville Oak’s client was looking to create a serene seating area that led out from the master bedroom, maximising space as well as views across the neighbouring countryside.

The balcony complements the existing space and architectural design of the house, while offering a new outdoor dynamic.

A mix of strength and space...

The final result, manufactured and installed by Enville Oak, does just this. Strong structural supports, infinity glazing, and a spacious design make this balcony a carefully planned space that can be utilised both above and below.

Kiln Dried Solid Oak Decking

The custom kiln dried solid oak decking is hand crafted by Enville Oak and provides a striking contrast against the minimalist effect of the glass balustrading. This grand structure offers stability and durability in outdoor environments, with oak presenting an impressive natural resistance to the elements.

Shaded Seating Area

The duality of this balcony design allows the underside to be utilised to its full potential.

The shaded seating area created below the balcony makes for a cool garden space in the summer, as well as a sheltered area in chillier months. The underside of the balcony further provides a trellis for wisteria to climb, adding to the rural aesthetic of the design.

Infinity Glazing

Infinity glazing was utilised on the balustrade design for uninterrupted views out from the balcony while seated; this helps to create a feeling of spaciousness, as well as modernity.

The glass panelling offers essential edge protection required by industry regulations without compromising on the authentic feel of the balcony.

Minimalist Handrail System

A minimalist handrail system completes the balustrading, negating the need for visible fixings. Instead, this is the perfect addition to maintain the open feel and uninterrupted views provided by the balcony.

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