Working with oak to create an accessory structure on your property is a great way to achieve a beautiful and long-lasting building.

Oak framed garages are one example of this, with many choosing to work with oak because of its luxurious appearance and value-adding properties.

We expand on why people are choosing to work with oak for the construction of their garage, as well as a step-by-step guide on how to build and maintain your dream garage!

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Why Choose an Oak Framed Garage?

Timber designs have many benefits, from their durability and aesthetic value, to their construction time. So, whether you’re using your garage as a carport, log store, or more, here are some of the reasons why we believe oak is superior…

The Durability and Longevity of Oak Framed Garages

Building with oak has been an established practice for many millennia – and for good reason; oak buildings can last hundreds of years. This material does not need to be treated to achieve this feat, either, with oak having a natural resistance to rot, fungal infection, pests and insects.

Aesthetic Value of Oak Framed Garages

Oak is often chosen for its rustic, authentic appearance which can be in keeping with both traditional and contemporary properties. The luxurious nature of oak also contributes to the financial value of your home.

Sustainability of Oak Construction

When sourced from sustainable forests and reputable suppliers, oak is a renewable resource. The fabrication of oak and lack of treatment needed makes the practice of building with oak an eco-friendlier option compared to many other construction materials.

Oak Framed Garages vs Other Building Materials

When comparing oak to other building materials such as steel and brick and mortar, the reduced construction time of oak is one of the reasons why oak is so popular. Oak designs can largely be fabricated off site, reducing the amount of labour required onsite and the drying time for oak structures is non-existent.

Types of Oak Garages

When it comes to selecting the ideal oak garage for your property, there is a diverse range of oak design options to consider.

You can opt for a double garage with room above. This versatile oak garage with an additional floor can be transformed into an office or an extra living space, offering endless possibilities for your home.

Alternatively, you could opt for a simpler solution like a single-storey garage or explore a one or two-bay oak garage.

Each option comes with its distinct features and advantages, so take your time to determine which one best suits your needs. Whether you’re looking for more information or inspiration, our friendly team can help. Contact us today to see how we can help.

Whether you prefer a traditional look or a more modern design; there's a type of oak garage that fits your vision perfectly.

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Planning and Regulations

Approaching planning permission and building regulations can be one of the trickiest parts of building an oak framed garage. These guidelines depend on whether the structure is attached or detached.

For example:
● Free-standing garages that have a floor area of less than 15m² and a maximum height of 4m will not require planning permission.
● Attached garages that cover less than half the width of your property and are less than 4m in height will not require planning permission.

We cover these regulations in more depth in our Timber Frame Regulations Simplified blog.

The Building Process

Oak framed garages are available as bespoke structures, manufactured and erected by experts, or as DIY prefabricated kits.

When building your oak framed garage, the construction process will involve these main stages:

1. Design Concept

Your design concept should take into consideration the size of the plot; the number of carports; any rooms above it; any electrical requirements; and so on. The design of your garage can range from a simple oak framed carport to a garage with an office above, an annexe and garage, a garage with a workshop and much more!

At this planning stage, you should ensure you’re checking and complying with permitted development and planning permission guidelines, as well as building regulations.

2. Site Preparation and Foundation

The site should be prepared for construction and the foundation laid down. The foundation system will depend on the ground conditions and any nearby obstructions, such as walls or trees.

3. Installing the Roof and Walls

Once the foundation has been laid and the base is complete, the oak frame can be delivered to site. The frame will then be erected.

4. Adding Doors, Windows, and Other Features

The next step is weather proofing the building. This means adding any cladding materials to the exterior, fitting glazing into window openings, and doors into door openings.

The interior of your garage can then be designed, with any electrical fittings and plumbing taking place at this stage.

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Oak Garage Maintenance

It’s important to perform regular maintenance on your oak framed garage to ensure it continues to look and perform its best.

Maintenance consists of inspections and cleaning. If your oak has been treated to preserve a specific colour or to prevent silvering, continuing to treat your oak will also fall under your maintenance requirements.

Maintain Roofing and Gutters

Cleaning any debris from your gutters, such as fallen leaves, moss, and foliage, will prevent clogging in the drainage system. On a similar note, roof shingles and tiles should be inspected to ensure there is no damage or displacement which could cause water damage.

Climate Considerations

Another factor to consider is the climate. Extreme climates may mean your oak framed building requires additional maintenance. For example, areas with heavy rainfall could cause moisture build up, whilst colder climates result in snowfall and ice accumulation. This can lead to oak swelling and shrinking as it absorbs and loses moisture.

One way to mitigate this is to source oak from the UK and Europe, where it will be well acclimated to our seasons. Oak has exceptional weather resistance, but can be further treated for increased waterproofing and UV protection if you desire – although this is not necessary.

Regular Inspection

The rest of your oak framed garage should also be regularly inspected for any signs of wear and tear, damage, or signs of decay or fungal infection. Cracks will often appear in oak as it dries and shrinks; this is nothing to worry about unless the crack compromises the structural integrity of the garage.


Building an oak framed garage – it’s much more accessible than you think, and brings many benefits if you choose to use this material. Its durability, stunning and unique designs, design flexibility, and ease of construction makes it a great (and low maintenance) choice for your garage build.

If you're looking for a bespoke, hand-crafted oak-framed garage, then fill out the contact form below. One of our friendly team will help you out.

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