Budgeting For an Oak Structure: How to Keep Costs Down

As with all construction projects, it’s important to budget and plan ahead of time to ensure your construction project goes as smoothly as possible.

Building with oak can be pricier due to the luxury nature of the material, its quality and desirable properties. However, by budgeting sensibly for your oak structure, you can keep costs down and avoid any unexpected expenses.

Be aware of the factors that influence the cost of oak structures, and how to keep costs down, to successfully bring your oak structure to life within your budget.

Image of lean too porch. The porch has been attached to an exisiting house- offering shelter from the elements.

Factors That Influence the Cost of Oak Structures

Whilst working with oak can drive the price up in some areas, such as structural design, there are other factors which make oak cost-effective in the long term. For instance, the thermal efficiency, durability, and off-site building methods of oak all make it a cost-effective construction material.

Type of Oak Structure

One major factor affecting the cost of your oak construction is the type of structure your property requires.

The more complex the structure is, alongside the requirements of the homeowner or business owner commissioning the project, will drive up the cost. Additionally, consider the materials used within the structure, such as glazing, as well as the volume of material needed.

Larger and more complex structures which require more material, including two-storey extensions or orangeries, will be more expensive than simpler constructions, such as porches or pergolas.


The costs of the oak structure for your project may depend on your location, where the south tends to be pricier than the north. Living close to an oak frame business could help lower your transportation costs compared to those residing farther away.

Labour Costs

Labour costs are an obvious influence on the price of your project. However, when working with oak, these expenses can be alleviated thanks to offsite construction methods.

Unlike traditional materials such as brick and mortar, oak structures can be fabricated off site and later brought to site for erection. This means less labour is required onsite and the chances of delay due to bad weather conditions is reduced; there is also less reliance on multiple suppliers required for construction on site.

image of extension overlooking a large field. The extension has oak framed windows and is used as a living area.

Tips for Keeping Costs Down

There are several ways you can keep costs down while incorporating oak into your home or on your property.

Choose a Simpler Design

While you may have a vision in mind for your oak structure, it’s important that your vision does not exceed your budget.

Additional architectural features will boost the aesthetics of your structure, but it will also increase its price. Complex architectural designs will require more labour, material, and skill to carry out.

To keep design costs down, the design should be carried out by an architect with experience in working with oak. The design should also be well considered to streamline build and installation processes, minimising last minute amends that may delay projects and drive up costs.

Work With an Experienced and Reputable Business

Choosing a less experienced or reputable construction business may be tempting for a lower quotation; however, this can often lead to time- and cost-penalties during the construction process or in the long-term if correct procedures aren’t followed, regulations are ignored, or materials and tools used are not of a good quality.

Instead, it’s recommended to use a more experienced and reputable business which will deliver a better quality of business when constructing and erecting your oak building.

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Get Hands-On

Whilst it is recommended that the design, fabrication and erection of your oak structure is left to professionals, there are some ongoing tasks you can handle to keep costs to a minimum such as maintenance.

For example, if you’d prefer to treat your oak, you can do this yourself whether cleaning, preserving, or staining your oak structure, as it is generally a straightforward coating process.


Researching and budgeting for an oak structure will help you manage and prepare for the costs of this project.

With the help of architects and construction companies, you can further get creative and think outside the box to incorporate oak into your space at a price that suits you.

Are you prepared to turn your dreams of an oak structure into reality while staying within your budget? With Enville Oak, you can be confident that your oak structure will be built to the highest standards, delivered on time, and within your budget. Get in touch today to see how our team can assist you with your next project.

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