Traditional Garden Room with a Modern Twist

The traditional garden room has been reimagined with a contemporary touch.

This large and modern garden room makes use of additional outside space to extend the living area of our client’s existing property, which is situated in the beautiful Oxfordshire countryside.

The existing property is a picturesque thatched roof cottage with a large garden. Looking to utilise some of their outdoor space to extend the internal floorspace of their property, our client commissioned Enville Oak to construct an oak garden room.

Mixing traditional elements with 21st century features...

For this project, Enville Oak was required to build a traditional oak frame with a modern twist.

It was important that the garden room retained traditional elements – such as the oak framing and light Cotswold stone seen throughout the existing property. However, the client requested that this garden room was brought into the 21st century with some exceptional features.

Our team constructed the following stunning structure, for our client’s enjoyment throughout the year.

Standing seam zinc roof

The standing seam zinc roof is designed for efficient drainage and weather protection, whilst maintaining durability and corrosion resistance over time.

Large sliding doors

The garden room is centred around the oak frame built by Enville Oak. Aluminium doors and windows break up the oak frame, incorporating that essential modern twist to the traditional structure.

Oak frame

The structure accounts for large sliding doors which cleverly pass through the large oak post sections at the entrance. This allows immediate access to the garden and for the doors to remain open for continuous fresh air in summer.

Canopy section

The canopy section which leads to the entrance of the garden room utilises large oak Glulam posts–a natural structural material made from laminated timber. The canopy section itself provides shelter and diverts water away from the entrance to the garden room.

Original well

One of the features of this property is the original well situated at the entrance of the garden room. Construction had to carefully consider the integrity of the well as our team worked around it; the well is now preserved withaglass cover.

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