Sling Braced Porch

What better way to create a warm welcome to your property than with a beautifully crafted oak framed porch?

The sling braced porch we created for this client was constructed with first impressions in mind. The client was looking to add a character piece which would draw the eye as the main focal point of the property, creating a practical yet visually pleasing indoor-outdoor space to welcome residents and guests.

It was also important that the structure of the porch allowed for views out to the surrounding scenery.

Achieving our clients vision...

We were able to achieve our client’s vision with our hand-cut oak sling braced porch. Displaying an impressive oak A-frame, the porch maintained a traditional appearance with its warm and rustic tones, which was in keeping with the design of the property itself.

However, we enhanced the traditional design of the porch with a dramatic sling brace to catch the passing eye with unique and inviting curved lines.

Hand cut curved braces

The hand cut curved sling braces are a distinctive element on this porch, and truly reflects the bespoke nature of our work at Enville Oak. The lines are designed to invite in residents and guests with a homely and embracing outline, whilst highlighting the impressive presence of the porch.

Triple glazed windows

Triple glazed, full height windows ensure complete thermal efficiency in the porch, whilst allowing the light to flood in and carefully balance the heavy oak architectural design. The full height windows facilitate uninterrupted views out to the surrounding property.

Slate roof tile

Traditional slate roof tile was utilised on the roof of the porch to complement the existing and surrounding properties. Traditional slate roofing is a long-lasting product which keeps its quality for years to come.

Internal oak rafters

Internal oak rafters provide a warm and cosy appearance inside this porch, and create a seamless transition from the external oak framing to the internal area of the home.

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