3 Bay Room Above for Office/ Studio

This one-of-a-kind office studio was constructed by Enville Oak to provide a dedicated workspace and living area.

Fit with a contemporary kitchen, bathroom, office and seating area, this modern space is perfectly contrasted by the traditional oak which frames and structures it.

The outcome of this pairing is stunning.

Three-bay oak garage

This office studio was borne from the client’s request for an office studio space with a large garage below, both practical and highly aesthetic, which would not look out of place in the rural setting.

And whilst the roomy garage below is an essential feature, it was key that the open plan room above capitalised on as much available space as possible.

Enville Oak constructed a three-bay oak garage with a spacious room above to fulfil our client’s requests.

The following features form the key elements of this build and all serve a purpose towards the function of the modern garage office.

Custom roller shutter automatic garage doors

The custom roller shutter garage doors automatically open and shut for ease when entering and exiting, with the dark wood design complementing and balancing the dark roof tiles to provide symmetry to the build overall.

Internal chunky oak framework

One of our client’s requests was that there was as much oak on show internally as possible; we achieved this with chunky 200mm frameworks with internal Cruck Frames, purlins and ridge line, adding beautiful curves and bold lines to the interior space.

Velux roof lights

Velux roof lights were installed to the rear of the build, to allow natural light and fresh air to enter the space.

Clay roof tile

We utilised clay tile for the roofing, which was broken up by three lead lined oak dormer windows – providing the perfect contrast with their dark palette. To frame the roof, we used a traditional cut roof system – cutting the wood on site during the build.

Raised eaves

To maximise on space in the office above, accounting for desk space and storage, our team utilised raised eaves in the construction process, heightening the pitch of the roof.

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