The Importance of Oak Treatment

oak treatment

You may be pleased to know that oak is one of the lowest maintenance materials you can invest in. With a natural resistance to rot, fungal infection, and pests and insects, oak structures can last a lifetime without our interference.

However, some homeowners may choose to treat their oak structures to enhance certain features and properties of the wood; this is perfectly fine, so long as you follow the correct treatment procedures to retain the properties you value.

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Factors That Influence Oak Frame Extension Cost

oak frame extension cost

There are a number of factors which may influence the cost of your oak frame extension, however planning for every eventuality is the best way to help keep costs in line with your budget.

To help you prepare for the expected (and unexpected!) costs prior to building your dream extension, here are some of the main factors that influence oak frame extension cost.

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Timber Frame Regulations Simplified

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Whether you’re extending your home or putting in a new feature such as a porch or outbuilding, you may be considering utilising timber framing.

Timber is a great construction material, not only offering a high load bearing capacity and durability in all elements, but a luxurious and timeless aesthetic.

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The Benefits Of Building With Oak

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Soft, warm, welcoming… Oak is one of the most beautiful and versatile materials you can work with when making enhancements to your home.

And whilst building with oak may not be the cheapest option on your list, the benefits it offers alleviates many reservations regarding expenses that homeowners may have.

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Oak Extensions Guide: Everything You Need to Know

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Contemporary or traditional – no matter the aesthetic you’re looking to achieve with your home extension, oak provides the perfect material to do it with…

With the growing popularity of oak-framed house extensions, we’ve created an oak extensions guide, including the what, why, and how of going about extending your home with oak.

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